Facebook Clone that seems to be better than Facebook

phpFox is affordable,genuine,bugs free and perfect social networking php application working just like Facebook. This software is powered by a dedicated team of developers which is regularly improving it and releasing minor and major release frequently.

An Exponentially growing PHP Software powered by Powerful Developers

This script is powered by high level PHP developers and a company with strong infrastructure works for this software. It is not a software developed by an individual developer so you need not to worry about stopped development of software.

Facebook Cloned Wall with Status Sharing, Link Sharing, Polls, Comments and Liking System

Facebook cloned privacy features like who can post on wall, private content on wall, notification settings, user blocking etc.

Liking System as in Facebook

Instant messenger enables chatting like in Facebook

Profile Editing options and cover photo like in Facebook

Several Color Themes are available including Facebook theme

Addon Market. Use addons to extend functionality of the plugin or sell your own addons

Auto Preview of link with Thumbnail


Add Cover Like in Facebook


Real-time Notification like in Facebook



Real-time Message Notifications such as in FB




Lifetime License

Active Dvelopment

White Label and Your own Branding

Lifetime Security and Compatibility Updates

Even More

Some other awesome features

Monetize your Social Network website


Add marketplace to your Website

Event System

Video and Music Sharing

Groups and Forums

Powerful Admin Panel

Quiz Creation

Private Messaging

Facebook Theme

Powerful Support


Technical Support is a major concern for customers and phpFox team provides active customer support. phpFox installation is very easy and anyone can install it using smooth installation wizard ( you need to enter database detail,username and password only.phpFox is a suitable script for those who want to start their own Facebook type social networking website because it has similar user interface and almost same features as Facebook. Wall posting, realtime Ajax notifications,security and privacy options are just like Facebook. phpFox also offers advertising system like Facebook and you can also set classified marketplace. Website owner can set different level of membership and can get payment from premium members. Administration panel of phpFox is easy,advanced and smooth with which admin can control everything related to website and website users.

Closest to Facebook

phpFox is the  script which is closest to Facebook in features and appearance. Like Facebook, it has folliwing features which are aquired from Facebook;

  • Liking system
  • News feed
  • Wall posting
  • Friend request notifications
  • Inbox notifications
  • Friends activity notifications
  • Privacy settings
  • Security settings
  • Appearance like Facebook
  • Automatic thumbnail from posted URL and video
  • Facebook like Advertising System
  • Groups like Facebook
  • Page creation like Facebook
  • Video upload
  • Poll creation
  • Photo upload
  • Ad campaign
  • Private chat / Instant messenger
  • Application development option for devlopers
  • Mobile module
  • Report user/page/group option
  • Block user option
  • Poke user option
  • Ajax powered
  • More features are coming in future
  • Event pages

Other Features

  • Classified marketplace
  • Paid membership option
  • Login via Facebook,Google,Twitter ( instant account creation using these logins )
  • Quizzez creation
  • Music sharing
  • Advanced site administration panel
  • Control website users with admin panel
  • Track website statistics
  • Add-n marketplace
  • Get paid via PayPal and 2CO
  • CMS ( Content Management )
  • Social sharing options
  • Create your own profile custom fields to modify profile according to your needs
  • Allow members to blog under your website
  • Shoutbox notifications

About price / support / updates

  • phpFox is the cheapest Facebook like social networking php Software
  • phpFox support is active and responsive
  • phpFox is powered by dedicated team of developers and you will get more and more features in future updates

“Special warning– Some scripts may look like Facebook in user interface but their code framework is weak and you might face bugs and technical issues at many times. Besides their PHP code is not so powerful like phpFox.”